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Fake Name Comix

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5th September 2007

10:46am: adios for now
After much consternation, I decided that I need to step back from the comix for a while and concentrate on playing the mandolin. I’m wasting way too much time playing video games and checking livejournal when I should be learning scales and playing some hot lickz. We've got some really huge shows coming up and are trying to schedule studio time in January for a new CD.

I’ll be back doing comics in a few months, and I still plan on making a whole thirty page comic book in time for Staple ’08, but for now I need to work those strings.

See ya.

1st September 2007

2:01pm: pain!
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31st August 2007

4:29pm: OMG
I just got asked by the House Of Blues if we would open for David Allen Coe.

Here's a song of his called "fuckin' in the butt". It's one of his less controversial songs.

Check Youtube for some real hum-dingers.

27th August 2007

8:00pm: Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

13th August 2007

10:29pm: kitten poop
I made a constipated kitten crap!

6th August 2007

6:40pm: page 4

next up Dislocation #2...

5th August 2007

2:08pm: Page 3
Fake Name Comix

1st August 2007

5:23pm: page 2
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30th July 2007

10:32pm: I see the future
and it holds a gay porn with the title "I Now Pronounce You Fuckin' Larry".
7:03pm: constant pain - page 1
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25th July 2007

9:05pm: White People

12th July 2007

10:00pm: Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

5th July 2007

11:22am: important documentary from Louis CK
NSFW - bad words.

1st July 2007


30th June 2007

12:12pm: First post

It's good to be home.

6th April 2007

7:43am: Comix

30th March 2007

6:00pm: mushi mushi
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